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Chapped Legs Make Minder, This Is The Solution

Not confident wearing sandals or shoes with the heel open because of broken feet? Now, you do not need to be inferior, because there is a solution to overcome the broken legs that you experience. Chapped feet occur because the skin in the leg area is very dry. This dry skin cannot support hard pressure when you set foot. As a result, the dry skin becomes cracked. This cracked skin in addition to disturbing appearance, can also cause pain in the soles of the feet. Moisturize Your Feet The main key to overcoming chapped feet is to maintain moisture. Here are ways that you can do so that the moisture of the foot skin is always maintained, including: Use foot cream Choose a cream that is rich in moisturizer or contains dimethicone in it. Cream with the content of these substances can moisturize dry skin. For optimal absorption, this cream should be immediately applied to your heels after bathing. Do not let the rest of the soap stick to the feet Soap with harsh chemicals
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Important Healthy Sperm Criteria Known

The desire to have offspring can be hampered if male sperm are of poor quality. There are many things that affect healthy sperm, such as the habit of living a healthy lifestyle, stopping smoking, to reducing alcohol consumption. Sperm is contained in male semen. This semen serves as a vehicle for sperm to the female reproductive tract. The semen that is released when a man ejaculates is a white or gray liquid, with a normal amount of about 2 milliliters (ml). In addition to sperm, semen contains mucus produced by male reproductive glands. When mucus is produced quite a lot, then the consistency of sperm can be thinner. Healthy Sperm Criteria Healthy sperm is an important factor in determining male fertility. There are three criteria that can determine the quality of healthy sperm, namely: Total number Every 1 ml of semen released by a man contains about 15 million sperm. Too little sperm count can be difficult to cause pregnancy. Ability to move At least 40 percent of the s

Natural Ways to Overcome Fatigue and Increase Concentration with Chicken Quintessence

There are various factors that can cause fatigue. From health problems, excessive physical activity, to psychological stress. If you do not want to get sick, you are advised to regularly eat healthy and nutritious foods, to support your health. Everyone must have felt tired and disturbed concentration, it is caused by daily busyness. What Causes Fatigue? Fatigue is often caused by excessive activity so that the energy in the body is drained, but can also be due to stress. Well, to overcome this naturally, you need to rest, and eat healthy food to increase energy in the body. Fatigue is a term used to describe body conditions such as "drained" or lack of energy. Continuously experiencing fatigue can reduce efficiency in performing daily tasks, and is a risk factor for various diseases. Every illness, like the flu for example, can cause you to feel tired. And this fatigue will usually disappear when you have recovered. In addition, fatigue can improve with self-care at

Various Skin Allergies You Need To Know

Skin allergy is an immune system reaction that is triggered by allergens that cause irritation and inflammation of the skin. There are various types of skin allergies, some of which are atopic dermatitis, contact dermatitis, urticaria, and angioedema. Come on, Listen to the following explanation. Someone who has a skin allergy has an immune system that is sensitive to certain substances called allergens. Excessive response of the immune system to allergens causes skin allergies. Allergen is something or anything that can trigger allergies. Allergens can be food, latex, animal dander, insects, or drugs. Other things like cold or hot temperatures and sunlight can also trigger the emergence of allergies on the skin. Common Skin Allergies The following are various skin allergies that are often found in everyday life. Atopic dermatitis (eczema). Common symptoms of eczema are dry, red, itchy and irritated skin. Especially if the skin is infected, usually the skin will blister and sm

2 Months Pregnant, From Embryo to Fetus

When 2 months pregnant, the fetus in the womb has started to develop rapidly. Maybe an enlarged abdomen as a sign of pregnancy is not clearly visible on your body. Actually, when you are 2 months pregnant there are so many processes that occur in your uterus. Hormonal changes and the development of embryos in the womb can result in pregnant women often feel tired and still experience morning sickness. If during the first month of pregnancy, your child is still referred to as an embryo or collection of cells, then in this 2 month pregnancy the embryo has become a fetus with limbs that are beginning to be seen. How Does Fetal Growth? Before you get pregnant, your uterus will be about the size of your fist. But when you are 2 months pregnant, your uterus becomes the size of a grapefruit. In addition, the embryo in the womb is now the size of a peanut with a length of about 1.6 centimeters, in which all human limbs are found. At the age of 2 months of pregnancy, the bones have begun